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As Mal país is completely untouched by large scale developments, this allows the jungle to spill onto the beaches, forming one of the most dramatically beautiful landscapes imaginably.

In Mal país you’ll find deserted white sanded beaches, providing you with your own private stretch of Pacific Coastline. You can either lie out on the soft sand and work on your tan or if it’s too hot you can retreat under the jungle canopy overhead.

The beaches run for miles along our neighbouring beaches through Playa Carmen, Santa Teresa, and Playa Hermosa, making it ideal for a brisk or leisurely walk.

If that’s doesn’t interest you, you might want to go snorkelling for tropical fish at one of the reefs near Cabo Blanco Reserve.

As for the photos you see here on our website, these aren’t stock photos they’re all taken of beaches in Mal país and are located no more than a 10 minute or less walk from the hotel.


The surfing here is of a legendary status and is regarded as one of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica. Finding a secluded break isn’t hard with miles and miles of glorious unspoiled coastline.

The surf breaks are long even beach breaks with sandy bottoms making the beaches here a great and safe place to learn to surf. Also the rip tides in this part of Costa Rica are less powerful than in other surf spots, which is comforting to know for beginners.

As for the wave type, they’re hollow and peaky and more importantly, consistent throughout the year. Reef and point breaks can also be found close by, so come on, ride the wave!

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