Mal País

In recent times the area of Mal País has gained notoriety for its secluded and untouched natural beauty, added to its great surf breaks. Mal País is in fact a quaint little fishing village, with surrounding waters rich in Snapper, Tuna, and many other types of fish.

Perched at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, this seaward bending coastline affords vistas all the way up Guanacaste on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Tourism has brought some changes with new restaurants and bars popping up, providing travelers with a global choice of cuisine, ranging from Argentinean Barbeques to Sushi, but essentially things have stayed the same. The landscape here offers rolling green hills rich in vegetation, sandy stretches of beach, and rocky outcroppings ideal for shoreline fishing. Without a doubt it's a very attractive place to come to relax and to soak up the golden rays of the Pacific sunset or indulge ones self in a range of outdoor activities.

The direct translation for the name Mal País from Spanish into English is in fact bad land.

But it is claimed that the name actually derives from the word "Mah Pah ", which was a smooth stone used for drawing by the first people here, the Chorotega Indians.

The Cabo Blanco National Reserve Park is located 3 Km south, which is a paradise for tourists and students of biology and ecology.

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Listed as one of the world's top 10 Secret Beaches
by the English Times on the 14th of January 2007


Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is big news for international hotel developers, but the Nicoya peninsula — stuck out in the far north of the country, at least four hours by car and ferry from San José — is simply too far from the capital to tempt Señor Sheraton and his conquistadors. This is a place of broad, deserted beaches, backed by forests thick with anteaters and armadillos, coyotes and coatis — and not a serenity spa in sight.

You could pick almost anywhere along the 75-mile west coast from Tamarindo down to Cabo Blanco: Samara offers reef snorkelling, jungle trekking, horse-riding and zip-wire canopy tours; Ostional has a magnificent, almost desolate beach where, from August to November, up to half a million turtles arrive once or sometimes twice a month to lay eggs in the sand; Santa Teresa has some of the best surfing in Costa Rica; Mal país has a beautiful beach, a couple of friendly beach bars, within earshot of the howler- monkey dawn chorus from Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

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mal pais

mal pais
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