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Surfing Lessons

Coming to Mal Pais and not to try surfiing, would be like visiting the Sistine Chapel and not to look up.

The surf breaks here are long even beach breaks with sandy bottoms making our beaches a great and safe place to learn to surf. For beginners it’s also reassuring to know that the rip tides in this part of Costa Rica are less powerful than in other surf spots in the country.
As for the wave type, they’re hollow and peaky and more importantly, consistent throughout the year.

The main reason we chose the instructors we did, was down to the fact that you’ll learn a lot more about just surfing when they bring you out. You’ll learn how to read the waves, how to spot the breaks, what lies beneath, and how not to get into trouble. Our surf instructors know all the top and safest breaks in the area.

Once you’ve been thought the basics on the beach its then off out to the ocean and up on that board!

Zip-Line Canopy

Zip Lining is an adventure that is renowned with Costa Rica. It’s extremely safe and easy to do, and kids over the age of 8 can also participate.

Our local zip line operator is Canopy Del Pacifico. They’ll pick you up from the hotel and bring you into the heart of Cabo Blanco National Park. Then you’ll be zip-lining through and above thick rainforest on lines extending as long as 500m. Shooting across their 9 platforms you’ll get to take in wonderful Pacific Ocean views.

This is a safe, fun, and informative experience with the addition that it’s an incredible adrenalin rush that’s not to be missed.

Fishing Trips

Most people come here to surf but long before Mal país was famous for its surfing it was famous for its abundance of fish. The Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Peninsula is bustling with an amazing range of game fish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Marlin, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Grouper, Rooster, and Spanish Mackerel.

Some of these fish can reach sizes of 50 pounds, and two meters in length.
Everything you catch is yours, so take it back and cook it up in our kitchen or stick it on the barbeque!

Garrobo, your tour guide, has two boats that he charters. One is a large sports fishing boat, 100hp with fight chair, which carries 9 people, and the other is a smaller boat that carries up to 4. All equipment is supplied.

Your guide, Garrobo speaks flawless English and has been fishing here in Mal País for all his life. If you’ve never fished before he’ll help you with techniques and any questions you may have, so you’re in safe hands.

ATVs / Quad Bikes

Quads are without doubt the best and most fun way to get around our bumpy roads here in Mal País.

Through the hotel we hire out 250cc engine Honda Quads which are renewed each year.
The Honda quads are fitted with hand shift gear control and automatic clutch, making them incredibly easy and safe to drive.

Guided Quad Tours

For our guided tours we head across to the costal town of Montezuma.
During the tour we stop off at the magnificent vine tree in Cabuya and the famous waterfalls in Montezuma. Along the way we’ll show you some local secrets and hopefully some wildlife including monkeys.

Or alternatively we can take you up the coastline toward Playa Coyote while taking in the natural beauty of the surrounding beaches and the Peninsulas interior.
*The tour prices are for the hire of a guide for a 2 person tour
*This does not include the cost of hiring your quad
*Additional persons are charged at $10

Horse Tour

Another great way to take in this wonderful countryside is on horseback. The tour is probably the most natural way to experience the jungle and beaches of Mal País. The horse tours go out from a ranch which is located deep in the jungle between Mal Pais and Cabo Blanco.

You can either choose to hike through the untouched jungle of Mal País seeing many native birds and wildlife along the way, and you’ll also witness some of the most breathtaking views of the ocean which words simply can’t describe.

Or you can ride down to the beach and meander along the shoreline during sunset, and then if you’d like you can cut loose for a gallop on the beach.

The main factor we choose to work with this ranch and not another was because the horses in this ranch are much loved and well maintained, providing both rider and horse peace of mind.

All the activities and tours are arranged through the hotel allowing you to pay when you check out.

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